We work to preserve and protect good mental health

Careif is an international, UK based charity in London with lots of support in Devizes. Mental health is a real, distressing problem often found in our society today – towns, cities and rural areas. We all lead busy lives and in the past, because of stigma, mental health issues were often swept under the carpet. In recent years growing awareness and publicity have helped in dealing with these wide ranging difficulties. Careif is a charity dedicated to the introduction of best practices to tackle some of the most common and debilitating illnesses. No doubt all of us at some stage have come across family or friends that have suffered the acute distress that mental health problems bring.

Careif is a charity whose aim is to share knowledge internationally about mental health in order to improve people’s wellbeing. This know-how is about how to live healthily, ensure that working practices and services have maximum impact, and are suited to different cultures across the world.“We work to enhance, preserve and protect good mental health.” “We aim to protect and promote mental health, wellbeing and address the cares of young people.”

So once again, in being here today enjoying the music and by purchasing this programme you are supporting another great charity Careif. Thank you on behalf of Careif.

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